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tmux Cheat Sheet

Nuacht Posted a Nice Comprehensive One :)

Tmux Commands

tmux kill-window

tmux kill-pane (just type exit lol)

tmux kill-session -t 0

tmux attach

Pane Creation

New pane to the right

(CTRL + b) - %

New pane below

(CTRL + b) - "

Rename current window (USEFUL!)

(CTRL + b) - ,

Create a new window

(CTRL + b) - c


Quick Identify (gives a number for each pane on the active window)

(CTRL + b) - q

Shows all active windows, sessions, etc

(CTRL + b) - w

Switch to previous window

(CTRL + b) - p

Switch to next window

(CTRL + b) - n

Turns this pane into a clock

(CTRL + b) - t

How to resize panes:

hold CTRL + B and tap or hold the arrow keys

How to kill windows

type: tmux kill-window in any terminal within that window