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Update on Squid's World

I have been doing some updates to Squid's World lately. Namely, restructuringthe content and moving things around. This capsule is a work in progress, but I am always trying to push it to the limit of what I can do. I want to fill it with loads of content on a wide variety of subjects.

A few things I am thinking about right now...

Messages and interactive content

I want to increase the amount that I interact in a positive way with others in the Geminispace, which includes promoting more of what other people are working on, and understanding and respecting the motivations for those others who are using this tech

I am thinking more about creating some script to handle creating messages to other gemini users.

New Sections

Writings are now broken into three categories:


Tutorials are obviously tutorials about subjects which are meant to be educational or instructional.

Writings & Musings

Writings are more fictional, satirical, humorous, or artistic writings. Musings are more serious writings, which do not necessarily fit into the definition of a "Tutorial".

Words of Squidsdom is moved to Writings.