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The main purpose of this page is just to keep track of all the little utilities that I am using to help me build my flounder site. This is for my own benefit. Because I set them up - then I forget how to use them.

So I needed some documentation.

So here it is. Lol. I really need to consolidate some of this stuff (and make some newer - cooler stuff)


command: flounder

script: just a bash alias for sshfs

notes: connects to flounder so I can edit my pages


command: newflounder

script: just an alias, for "cp /home/mitch/flounder_utils/skeleton"

notes: this is just a blank page... go to the location you want to make a new page and type "newflounder page.gmi". it works every time =]


command: tweet

script: /home/mitch/bin/tweet/

notes: this will update the home page with the latest tweet then add a timestamped tweet to the


command: treebuild


notes: Updates the sitemap. Right now it just creates a page that does tree. But I'd like to fancy it up and make it have links too. One day lol. (low priority)


command: message

script: /home/mitch/bin/flounder_msg/

notes: you have to use a unique name. then provide a url. if the name has already been used it will add the message to the same old one.

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