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Squid's Words of Squidsdom

These are random, short sayings and phrases I either come up with or find, which are useful or entertaining in some way.

Take everything with a grain of salt, just because I wrote it doesn't mean it's true, or necessarily that I even believe it.


The True Amount of Work Needed

However long you think it takes to do something, multiply that by five for a more accurate estimate.

Prison Planet

Human rights remaining, or, HRR, is inversely related to the similarity of prison to the outside world.


The value of effort

There are more who dreamed and never tried than those tried and never succeeded

When it comes to entrepeneurship and business...

If it ain't on paper, it ain't real.

Two types of food

Foods can be described as "Absorbant" or not. Raw, single ingredient foods are absorbant. They absorb the devil that's in you. Processed foods are the opposite of absorbant. You absorb the devil that's in them.

The Simulation

You have to realize you are in a game before you can play it


Don't bother to buy a nice cell phone

They cost as much as gold and last as long as milk

The tragedy of life

By the time you figure out how to live, you will die

Dichotomous Psychology

If you don't feel at least a little crazy, you might just be a lotta dumb.

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