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Midnight Commander Cheat Sheet

Here's a cheat sheet and some resources for midnight commander.

Note that on Ubuntu list of keybindings for MC can be found at:


And keyboard combos can be found in mc's man page under "Miscellaneous Keys"

And thankfully all of the shortcuts are labeled well in the program!

The numbers on the bottom correspond to the F-Keys, so hit F1 for help, F2 for a menu (on the file), and F9 for the menu (for MC)

Keyboard Shortcuts

TAB - Switch Panes


Opens the Options ("PullDn") Toolbar, then you can use the underlined letters to follow the options.

F9 - C - D

Opens the Diretory Tree Pop-Up

(CTRL + X) - I

Show info in other pane

(CTRL + X) - Q

Show quick view of the file in other pane

(CTRL + U)

Swap the panels' sides

(ALT + ?)

Search the filesystem dialog